Mission Creek Memorials

Custom granite monuments and memorials


30"  Taj Aurora with hand carved flowers

36" Jet Black carved crucifix

30"  Northstar black with hand carved cowboy hat

Jet Black guitar with carved base

42"  Jet Black Lighthouse

36" Jet Black heart with carved cherubs.

36"  Charcoal boulder with polished face

Georgia gray obelisk

36"  Jet black, all polished with a 1/2 serpentine top.

36"  Jet Black heart with carved roses

48" Jet Black memorial with hand etched ship and scroll

30 " Jet Black with asymmetrical top

36"  Jet Black boulder with polished face

36"  Jet Black offset rooftop

36"  Bahama blue waterfall

40"  Jet Black lighthouse

48"  Jet black oval with chamfered edges